Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Uptown Happy Hour Tour - yes there was a stop 3 - Bar Abilene

. . . but we missed happy hour. It was a long night (and subsequent weekend), so it's taken a while to get back to finish the series.

Let's just say we were seriously enjoying the beer and cheap snacks at stop #2, so we lingered. They had Gose, which is a brew the Herkimer rarely releases so I had to get my fill. We were joined by another bud, who proceeded to enjoy more beer and then we met up with his fiancee, Dr. Sam, at Bar Abilene. Abilene, to celebrate it's 11th Anniversary, had just abandoned their "Crazy Happy Hour" deal where everything on the menu was 50% off from 4pm - 7pm everyday. Great way to celebrate - kill the deal that everyone was talking about! They replaced it with a much less compelling offer that left us wondering "are they going to be okay." They are doing extended happy hours this week with $1 taps - if you are so inclined.

Didn't matter - we arrived too late for those specials so we settled for a couple of rounds of margaritas and dinner (but no guacamole, which is really the only reason to go to Abilene). I had their southwestern sliders which were edible, but not something I would have ingested had I not been touring happy hour spots all afternoon.

Happy hour tours are fun, but they defeat the purpose of happy hour in the first place - friends lingering over drinks, bitching about work until the specials expire and you get too "happy" to do anything but stay for dinner and continue to bitch about work until you are too blitzed to care. Then the fun begins.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Stop 2 on the happy hour tour - Herkimer

Okay, so Moto I and Herkimer are owned by the same folks, but low hangin fruit.

I am having a Gose which is a limited release and among my favorite brews. Other beers are 2 for 1 and there are $4 apps. We are rocking mini corn dogs and tater tots. Bring on the grease!

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Happy Hour Tour - Moto I

Trying to sample some of the happy hour opportunities near my home. Friday funday, right? Started at Moto I, a sake brew pub on Lyndale.

Right now they have Summit Scandia for $1, $5 sake and $3 other beers. Noshing on salmon Rangoon, taro shoestrings, and lime fried peanuts.

All tasty and less salty than the other fare.

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