Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Berries, Yogurt and a Flip Video Camera? The 1 Minute Smoothie

Fresh from vacation, I've been sent to a training to learn how to use the vast tools available to me as a marketing professional to leverage the speed of digital for learning and better branding. Today, our assignment was to create a video, upload it to YouTube and create a successful SEM campaign for it.

The campaign is slow going a few hours in, but here's the video for your pleasure. First and (maybe the last time) you see me on YouTube . . . intentionally.

The 1-Minute Smoothie

Be sure to add lots of honey to this recipe. It's pretty tart and not so tasty without it. A splash of tangerine or orange juice also goes a long way. If you come across my search ad on Google, please click on it - there's yet another iPod on the line.