Thursday, April 12, 2007

Train me, shred me

Calories in, calories out right? I've completed 10% of the 40 sessions of personal training that I've recently purchased from Fitness Together where the mantra is "1 Client, 1 Trainer, 1 Goal." Now that I'm 30-something, my love of food and wine is catching up with my ass, so it's time to get serious about staying fit. I'm enjoying the sessions, but there have been several times that I've felt near death as they focus on continuous circuit training. Since all the equipment of the studio is exclusively yours to use during your session, there is no waiting or breathing between exercises, thus a combined cardio and resistance workout. I haven't been pushed as hard as when I was 12 and forced to join my school's football team to "toughen me up". After a month of pre-season training in the 95+ degree Alabama August sun in a jock 2 sizes too small (thanks Mom), the football program was canceled for the year. I almost felt resentful - now I'm grateful I can give someone several thousand dollars to hurt me to my benefit.

I'm awaiting a new eating plan that is to be derived from my self-reported survey of meal preferences and a 24-hour log of my eating that ran the gamut from skim-milk oatmeal to country fried steak. I'm hoping to come out the other end of this journey with a flatter belly and a bigger man-rack so that I at least look good when I'm stuffing my face.

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