Sunday, November 11, 2007

Consuming Corvina at Salut

After yet another late-night shopping jaunt in Southdale, we popped in to Salut Bar Americain for dinner. Although I adore their steak sandwich, I had already had a double deluxe Butterburger from Culver's that day, so decided to try something from the seafood menu. Corvina was on offer - not a fish I was familiar with, but I decided to give it a shot.

According to some page on Geocities called "Land of Fish", Corvina is also known as white sea bass and is only found in the pacific. It is a preferred firm white fish for use in making true ceviche. Salut had clearly been buying lots of it lately, because it was all over the menu. I had the "Chez Tomas" version which was crispy seared and then served with a white wine and lemon sauce with portabello mushrooms - delicious treated this way. The crust on the fish had an almost grainy texture, but the fish itself was very mild, but substantial. It paired well with the "good" house wine of Fume Blanc. Glad to meet you Corvina - we'll be getting together again soon, I'm sure.

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