Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Wanna greener salad? Love the Organic Girl.

Needing a quick mess-free dinner before heading out to Roller Derby, I cruised the produce section at my local Rainbow Grocery and discovered these new Organic Girl organic salad greens and kits packed in hard sided clear containers.

At $4 for a salad kit, they are a bit upscale, but worth it. Not only are the greens organic and triple washed, they come in containers not made with plastic, but with corn. These packs are renewable, sustainable and compostable. The Baby Ceasar with field greens, mini garlic toasts, Parmesan cheese and a light ceasar vinaigrette was very good to boot. More info on their packaging is at iloveorganicgirl.com


Addie O said...

Oh Roller Derby...how I miss you. Faster, faster! Kill! Kill! Kill!

Oh, and you never told me you had a blog. Now I've added you to my blog (http://www.addieslastdrop.blogspot.com/)

I look forward to seeing more:)

DM said...

Thanks Addie O for visiting - I'll definitely be sipping on your last drop. I'll think of you at the next Roller Girl bout!