Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Serious steak sandwich to ease work-day blues

Today was a filet mignon sandwich day. This is how to do lunch!

I went to Bacio for lunch with a group from work and enjoyed this medium-cooked beauty with some luke-warm fries (we had a party of 11, and I think they failed to get the timing right on delivery). The sandwich was perfectly cooked and topped with carmelized onions spiked with balsamic vinegar and a creamy spread that may or may not have had some sort of cheese in it. There is a decadence that comes with enjoying a Filet Mignon as a sandwich during the day that makes the afternoon much more palateble.

I'd like to attempt to recreate this at home when the spring grilling season hits (in Minnesota, that means June). The trick will be not over-cooking the steak (which is what I tend to do) and finding the perfect bread for the bun as the texture/chewiness has to blend perfectly with the juicy-tenderness of the meat and accentuate the grilled flavor. Using some good vidalia onions and carmelizing them with a slighly aged vinegar and going light on a scant amount of gorgonzola cheese would probably top it off just right. I'd skip the aioli spread as it just gets in the way.

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