Thursday, March 29, 2007

2-ton Paella

I stopped into the M and S Grill in downtown Minneapolis after a meeting. I had already told the BF to get dinner on his own, so I took the opportunity to try this place as I'd been told they had great food. I bellied up to the bar with my briefcase and ordered an intriguing fish dish (don't remember what it was - doesn't matter because they were out). I ended up with my second choice - the paella.

While I awaited my entree, a group of roudy 28 y-o dudes in suits came in exchanging lively banter with the bartender and inappropriate attention to the very married female server. The loudest mouth of the group sat next to me and seemed to be itching to try to draw me into a conversation - my usual "don't screw with me - I've been working all day and I just want to drink my beer and eat alone" vibe held him off - temporarily.

The Paella, all 5 lbs of it arrived garnished with 2 king crab legs. The mixture was a dense creamy collection of fish, shrimp, cheese and other things. Even though I knew it was too rich, it was one of those days. It was so over the top, Mr. Mouth had to ask me "what is that?" My reply - Paella. "What's that" You've got to be kidding . . .

After Mr. Dude left me alone, I looked at my plate in disdain.

Holy crap - I can't believe I ate the whole thing. While I'm sure M and S grill has it's charms, the 2 ton paella is not on my return-to list.

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