Thursday, March 22, 2007

A Folksy Counter in DC

I was in Washinton DC earlier this month for the Human Rights Campaign's annual spring lobby day and equality convention. Fleeing an impending blizzard in Minneapolis, I arrived about 12 hours early. I found time to wander out of my hotel to try a local lunch counter, CF Folks, that had been highly rated by several sources. CF is a small, unassuming place and not what you'd expect to find in a big city. The patrons are in the DC norm suits and ties, but behind the counter, it's like these folks came through a wormhole from some small town in Kansas straight into this urban jungle.

Wednesday was Indian and Italian day (not in the same dish, mind you), so I decided to try the lamb curry. The elderly lady behind the counter asked me if I wanted the "secret sauce" which I readily accepted. The sauce was a fruity, spicy chutney that pulled the melange of tender meat and rich thick curry slurry together.

Not to get out of place like that without dessert, I requested the sweet of the day, warm peach cobbler with rum rasin ice cream. Not my grandma's cobbler, but the first bite sent my eyes to the back of my head. CF Folks definitely offers a soul-satisfying experience that assures me there is still some heart left in the nation's capitol.

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