Monday, July 16, 2007

NYC(4of5) Billiards y la cerveza Presidente

On my recent business trip to NYC, our agency was generous enough to follow a lavish meal with a couple of rounds of pool at a rather dim, but functional place called Soho Billiards. The fact that the place wasn't really in Soho as I understood it seemed to only bother me (but I'm from Alabama - what do I know?)

To get into the vibe for the place (which serves beer and only beer - in bottles & cans) I ordered a Presidente which can best be described as a Dominican Budweiser. I was going for the ghetto chic look, but ended up just looking pissed as that's what the beer tasted like. I'm not sure why it can't be fun like the Presidente ads - this one for example has levity, rhythm and some dudes dancing - rather well. All my beer had was a stale after-taste.

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